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  • Lindsay Priester

Summer 2019 Playlist

It's funny. I used to have to have complete silence while I worked. I grew up as an only child and have a lot of introvert in my heart, so I always did all of my homework in complete silence, alone and without distractions. When I graduated college and entered the working world, I continued this way. No music, no podcasts, etc.

In 2013, I started a job at a small agency that was much different than anywhere I had worked before. The term "workplace culture" entered my vocabulary for the first time and our small group of girls worked in an open space with the music always playing. That was the first time I had worked with music in the background, and while it took me a while to get used to, it's something I do often now! I still prefer quiet when I need to really focus, but for the relatively mundane, admin tasks that must get done, I love a good playlist.

In that spirit, here's GLC's Summer 2019 playlist. Full discretion: I do not have good taste in music. And the music that I like is all over the board from rap to boy bands to country. (I actually have an unusual ability to rap all the words to many early 2000s rap songs and do so for my friends frequently.) Either way, this playlist has brightened up the office multiple times this summer - enjoy!

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