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  • Lindsay Priester

Client Catch-Up

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

How in the world is it almost July already? I know a lot of people will be out of town sipping margaritas on the beach next week, so I wanted to drop in for a quick client catch-up. Things typically slow down a little in the summer, but my clients are still hard at work doing really cool things. I now it sounds cliche, but I truly do wake up grateful each day to get to help spread the word about their exciting ideas and initiatives!

  • Bailey's Fine Jewelry: Bailey's has partnered with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina for a special campaign called "Say I Do, Share the Love." For every engagement ring purchased from any Bailey's Fine Jewelry location, Bailey's will donate funds for 250 meals, which can feed a North Carolina family of four for an entire month! This will be a permanent campaign at all Bailey's locations (Raleigh's Cameron Village and Crabtree Valley Mall, Greenville and Rocky Mount). It's kicking off July 1 with a food drive at each store, as well as the option to donate virtually. A donation enters you to win that gorgeous one ct. diamond ring you see below! If you want to help the cause (and enter to win that bling!), but can't make it to Bailey's, head here to donate:

  • Cafe Carolina: Cafe Carolina is actually its busiest during the summer! It continues to be a favorite lunch spot for people on their lunch hour, but is a popular hangout spot for teens and college kids on summer break! Cafe is continuing to introduce new mouthwatering menu items, like this honey dijon chicken wrap (yes, please).

  • Consumer Education Services: CESI is busy celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Community Loan Center of the NC Triangle (the CLC), a holistic employee financial wellness program offered by CESI to local employers. The CLC is a benefit available at no cost to businesses and provides employees with access to affordable employment-based emergency loans up to $1,000 to help cover unexpected costs, as well as confidential credit counseling services and financial education to help address long-term financial issues. Employees have one year to repay the loan through payroll deduction. No credit check or collateral is required, but loan payments are reported to a national credit bureau, helping build the employee’s credit profile. The CLC recently offered its 160th loan through local employers and partnered with Baker Roofing to provide the benefit to its more than 1,200 employees! I've loved spreading the word on this program because not only does it help fix an immediate financial need, but it also helps built credit and increase financial knowledge. Win-win!

  • Kannon's Clothing: Both Kannon's women's and men's stores just announced their SUMMER SALES! They're making way for fall inventory so discounts are deep! If you haven't been following all the goodness happening at the stores, head over to Kannon's Insta and prepare to instantly want to revamp your wardrobe! (Example: how cute is this jumpsuit??)

  • RelyMD: The kids are officially out of school for the summer. That means lots of time spent outside on bikes and scooters, playing in the yard and running around the neighborhood pool. While all of these things are what make childhood so great, the likelihood of injuries, rashes, sunburn and insect bites increases dramatically in the summer. Telemedicine can be parents’ saving grace for their children’s minor summer illnesses and injuries. It allows you to avoid the long wait at the doctor’s office or the costly expense of urgent care facilities and instead hop on your phone or computer for a quick video chat with a doctor. If necessary, the doctor can send a prescription to your local pharmacy and the kids are back to their summer adventures in no time!

As you can see, summer doesn't mean a slowdown for GLC clients! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe fourth of July and we'll be back soon! Special sign off from GLC's Employee of the Month (every month), who is very much enjoying his dog days of summer!

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